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Carlos Serrano remixes!!

Been a while since I’ve stumbled onto a song worth writing about, and then a load of them pop up at once.

All of them are by Carlo Serrano who has been mentioned before for his excellent mish-mash of Phoenix vs Kavinsky (check it out!), and now I’ve found some treasures. They came about while trying to find some remixes of the Chromatics, who were featured on the Drive soundtrack. It’s also worth having a listen to their album as they have some very relaxing tracks that are more catchy than the flu.

Now onto the first track, Kanye West vs Washed – Diamonds From Far Away. Diamonds From Sierra Leone was always an excellent track, it had rhythmic lyrics and a beat that took a classic James Bond theme to another level. What we have here is instead a remix that still retains that classic vibe with its high tones, but still keeps a similar beat that you can move to.

The second one is again another Kanye West track this time mixed with Chromatics which is what I was looking for. Lady High takes Get ‘Em High and mixes it stunningly with, well Lady. Now the difficult part here is that Lady is a track reminiscent of something from the 80’s with its electro beats and distorted synths. Get Em High on the other hand is Kanye rapping about getting stoned with some other homies. Technically they shouldnt mix but somehow we have a song that just becomes a stoners dreams with the chilled melodies of Lady amplifying Kanye’s vocals. I gotta say its miles better than the original!

The last track just beats them all slightly because it brings back a rapper I had long since forgotten. In fact its actually three of them, Diddy, Mase and Notorious B.I.G. Mo Money Mo Problems had one of the most over the top videos I had ever seen back when rap was really big, I guess it really did show what the song was all about (Mase and P Diddy in jumpsuits hovering on a massive fan?). Anyway Carlos takes a M83’s EDM track and blends the rap vocals perfectly , bringing a classic back to life. You will be singing the chorus every time it comes in, and whacking the song on repeat constantly. It could be seen as a great homage to Biggie.

Anyways have a listen below!

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