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Black Ops 2 Interrogated!!

Well, isn’t this the month for big releases? First Halo, then Black Ops 2 and then HITMAN!!

Yeah but this is about Black Ops 2. Anyway once again another Call of Duty game by Treyarch a year after Modern Warfare 3. As always expect big explosions, an epic storyline, and awesome carnage!

I’ll be honest with you since I have no idea what was going on half the time so I’ll try and elaborate on the bits I do.

The story is a mixture of old 1970s and 80s missions taking place in Central America and Afghanistan, to future missions in 2025 around the world. The point of the earlier missions is to show how Woods from Black Ops survived and how it mentally messed him up. The older timeline also shows the rise of Raul Menendez, the games villain. Players will be comfortable using the classic guns since nothing is really added.
The future missions is now where it’s at, as well as the array of updated guns (the majority are old such as the SCAR, Type 95 etc. just remodelled), players also get an assortment of toys to play about with. Rather than doing the hard work, you can just send in a robot which will mow everyone down, or burn them depending on how sadistic you’re feeling.

Missions also mix it up with driving through crumbling cities and bridges, as well as gliding from a cliff top into the middle of an old ruin. Treyarch have definitely used their imagination giving a bigger and bolder experience, but then again it could be seen as something ripped right out of Die Hard 4.

Rather than also giving you a single solution storyline, you can influence it to go in any direction you feel like whether it be shooting Menendez in cold blooded revenge or taking him to jail. You get to be in control of making the decisions.

Another addition is the side missions they have introduced. If you want to take a breather from the storyline (you won’t), you can play a mode similar to Ghost Recon. You command a team and carry out a selection of objectives by telling them where to stand or where to run to. Completing these missions results in more weapons unlocked to use in the campaign.

Graphically the game is a bit of the same though, nothings jumps out anymore (unless you’re playing in 3D). It looks pretty much like any other Call of Duty, but still definitely good.

The multiplayer is where this game will rock, players have a massive selection of kits, taking MW3’s super soldier kill streak further. Players can now dedicate perks to slots they will never use making you immensely powerful from the get go. Maps are mixtures of open fields, and tight corridors where it’s any mans game. Pretty much what you would expect from the fast paced fun everyone’s used to.

This is gonna be another Call of Duty game people will play for days on end!

By the way, stick around after the credits for a secret Avenged Sevenfold ending. It’s weirder than having a sugar induced rampage!

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