University Movie and Audio

While at University we were allowed to indulge in creating a selection of short movies. Some of these had certain requirements such as having to be shot with no sound. We also created small audio segments to portray certain aspects of our lives, to be re-imagined as an image by students over in Australia!

Silent Movies


This was my short movie about an individual being stalked in Heaton Park.


Stranded was a short scripted by Ian Gray about an individual trapped in University, which would be a nightmare for any student!

Me and my Ball

Siu Fung Shek came up with story about a student losing his best friend, and feeling lonely without him. One day he runs into a new one.

Audio Projects


The purpose of the MiDents was to create an audio file from what we saw in a picture from a student half way round the globe.

This is the image I got back from the music clip I created to represent me.


I then received this image, and had to create a short clip to go with it.