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Halo 4 has been leaked!!

What’s this crazy news?! Halo, one of Microsoft’s biggest games has managed to leak several weeks early, and I’ve managed to get my hands on it?

So far they have no idea how it got out, but 343 industries are not really bothered considered people are still going to buy the game on release day.

Halo 4 – Battle Rifle

Now onto the game itself, which is definitely a nice to see Master Chief alive and well. Players are easily welcomed into a nostalgic environment as they get to see the battleship ‘Forward Unto Dawn’ ripped apart by invading Covenant. It’s very similar to the opening of Halo: Combat Evolved. Players also get to use classic weapons such as the Assault Rifle, mixed with the new DMR and Battle Rifle. The Covenant also look pretty much the same but with a slight change to the voices, where as the previous editions always spoke English to comical effect, now they have their own native language.

As you progress you are gradually removed from the classic environment to a whole new world, with new guns and new enemies. 343 certainly have shown some imagination as the new guns build themselves in your hands like transformers. The new enemies aren’t so bad either, giving a mixture of rampant dog like enemies that gather round in packs, to squid like ‘Knights’ equivalent to the Elites. The Promethean’s provide an adequate foe.

The new Promethean enemy

Gameplay wise nothing much has changed, players go from place to place taking in the massive locations, having a skirmish here and there and moving on. There are a selection of vehicles to help you traverse the large environments, such as the old Warthog and Banshees, as well as a few additions like the Fighter Jets and Mammoth (basically a massive warthog).

Halo 4 – Epic Battles

Graphic wise the game remains the same, detailed and sharp with a massive array of locations, from rocky mountains and lush forests to advanced techno forts. Overall Halo 4 remains much like the others, but something is different, missing. It’s like a chinese copy, everything looks and works the same but instead of a Sony, you have a Somy, or something along them lines. Still though the storyline is epic as ever, and the multiplayer just as frantic. Fans will love it!

Well done Microsoft!


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