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Phoenix vs. Kavinsky – Night Mania (Carlos Serrano Mix)

I first came across Phoenix a year ago after grabbing a ride back with a friend from university, and on first impression they were an easy to enjoy alternative rock band. They provided catchy riffs, with some pop lyrics that provided everything you could need from a nice chill out album.

Kavinsky, on the other hand, whose only song I’ve heard is Nightcall thanks to the retro styled soundtrack of Drive, is something completely different. The song is a dark and brooding electro track that I would typically listen to when mixing with other artists such as She Wants Revenge.

So when I heard the Carlos Serrano remix of both songs in one, I was pretty much amazed at how well they have been combined together to make a sound mash of something that I will be listening to on constant repeat for the next few months. The chilled out electro beats work well with the relaxed lyrics of Phoenix, with Lovefoxxx chiming in for the chorus.

Check it out!

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