Who is Dhillon?

iCan Shoot

Setting up for iCan

Getting ready to start shooting the iCan seminar event held at Jesmond Dene House.

A few weeks ago I had the chance to film the iCan seminar taking place at Jesmond Dene House. The seminar was to help business offer great customer service before, during and especially after dealing with customers. As a lot of companies are happy to work very hard to acquire new customers, they don’t really follow-up with a great after sales service. This helps the customer feel more important to the company for life, and not just for the day of while they were there.

Austen Hempstead was the main promoter of the event, with guest speakersĀ Karen James (Cloud VA), Nicola Tynemouth (New Results Training), Pete Wilkinson (a success coach) and Chris Edmonson (Base 2).

Each presenter bought theyre own speciality to the seminar, with Pete explaining the mistakes businesses make with their customers, Chris talking about how to go the extra mile and develop the relationship, and Karen and Nicola finishing with how to effectively use social networking to build your business.

Check out the short Q & A session below, and expect the full video soon!

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