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Hugs&Drugs Remixes

I recently came across a new genre of remixes called drumstep simply because the words “Justice” and “D.A.N.C.E.” were involved. That’s enough to get me interested since the French electro duo are awesome enough, so seeing how they could be improved was too tempting.

Hugs&Drugs is John L from Southern California (check out the site), and what he has created here is something that takes the original track and mixes it up  enough to make it different, but not so much that it losses the catchy chorus. It’s still an easy song to chill out to when in the party mood but fresh enough if you’ve overplayed the original. It’s surprisingly an awesome track considering how hard it is to beat the original, which led me to his other mixes.

Now The Postal Service is a band everyone should have heard of. Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello created a one-off album that left fans crying for a sequel. Alas, we must make do with any remix that crops up to fulfil these wishes. Hugs&Drugs took they’re iconic ‘Such Great Heights’ and added his magic to it. As Travis Barker of Blink 182 fame did before when he added on his drum beats, John done something similar but also chopped up the lyrics and added some bass. The new track is faster and more like a song to be heard at a electro night out anywhere, and not confined to the indie scene.

The final gem I found was a more dark version of The Killers song ‘Mr Brightside’. Considering the original was a classic song about a paranoia and jealousy, the remix is slightly more slow, with deeper than black synth tones which work very well with the lyrics. What you get is a song that you still can listen to without getting into a ‘downer’. It’s similar to She Wants Revenge, which is the artist I went straight to listening to after hearing the song.

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