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Batman v Superman: It’s like a really long pre-match warm up!


I thought 2013’s Man of Steel was an awesome start to the Superman reboot. It mixed his conflict with who he is and what he should do with his powers, as well as showing his upbringing by parents who were completely different from him and trying to still treat him as one of their own.

Zack Snyder’s history of making decent films such as 300 and Watchmen seems to have been lost with Batman v Superman. 300 contained endless amazing slo-mo fight scenes but yet kept in some dialogue to keep the story entertaining. Here instead we have endless cool shots cut one after another, hoping to piece together a flowing story but instead just seems like someone went nuts in the editing room.


As this is Ben Affleck’s first outing as Batman, I had my fingers crossed he would put in a decent performance, which unfortunately he doesn’t really get the chance to. We see him in some great fight scenes, but there’s no back story. It would have been great to see Batman’s version of Man of Steel beforehand, showing him develop as a character into the older version he is now, and how years of battling crime has changed him from his no-kill policy, to actually branding villains as punishment.

Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is essentially the same role he played in The Social Network full of random outbursts like a kid with ADHD who wants to be the Joker. He is so annoying, especially in his hipster style suit dress code. I get that he’s meant to represent the icons of today’s Silicon Valley, the young start-ups wanting to make their millions, but this guy already has, so you expect him to be slightly more refined, but instead he’s a complete tool.


Batman V Superman had massive potential, I get that Batman doesn’t have the strength of Superman but still he has the brains and they have shown him to use this in the showdown between the two, but by the time that comes around everyone has grown bored. The movie drags on incoherently, and by the time we get to the main event, the fight seems a bit lackluster for some reason. Marvel can rest easy for now, as the Justice League has got off to a bad start, but here’s hoping they recover!



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