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Zoolander 2 Review

Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) is back to make another mockery of the fashion business with his team mate Hansel (Owen Wilson). After going into hiding due to the collapse of his School for Kids Who Can’t Read Good, Derek is dragged out of retirement to take part in a fashion show so he can get his son back, as well as find out who is murdering high-profile celebrities.


Cue a stupidity beyond imagination as they mock all the latest trends, from selfie sticks, to calling everything lame but in the cool sense. Zoolander manages to poke fun at everything wrong with the world today, including Justin Bieber. The film is a self-parody, shining a mirror to the fashion industry and the vanity within it.


It’s great though seeing celebrities taking it in their stride, including some of the world’s largest fashion designers playing villains. Other cameos include Kiefer Sutherland as part of Hansel’s orgy crew, MC Hammer in jail, Benedict Cumberbatch as a questionable model, and way more. Will Ferrell is also back as Mugatu, who has concocted a plan of his own in a celebrity jail.


For me Zoolander 2 was fun, even better than the previous, but for some the cheap laughs and dumb characters may be it’s downfall. Don’t go in expecting an Oscar nomination and you will be fine, instead remember what made the original fun and you’ll be fine.

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