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Legend – The Review

kraytwinlegends750 Tom Hardy puts in a stunning performance as the Kray Twins during their peak. Playing both Ronnie and Reggie Kray, it’s hard to believe that both characters are the same actor! Tom’s Reggie is full of charm and swagger that comes with a hint bravado while Ronnie is a character whose immense stance mixed with awkward body language is a character who no-one would want to mess with for the fear of making him snap.


Both characters are poles apart and at times, were they not brothers would have killed each other, which is covered countless times. One of the most interesting scenes is when both brothers fight it out, not because it’s essentially Tom fighting Tom, but because we see how far the brothers are willing to go to hurt each other.


Brian Helgeland does well in showing how the Twins’ approach to looking after their own made sure that even though they were gangsters people treated them like ordinary folk. They rubbed shoulders with rich and famous, while the police kept a watch on them waiting for a slip up. Helgeland uses Reggie’s wife Frances to guide people through their world, showing how easy it was to fall for their charm, and be swept up by the glitz and glamour. Eventually she begins to see what they are truly like, but by then she has gone too far, the twins change from heroes to monsters.

Legend is an amazing portrayal of two iconic characters from 60’s Britain, even though they were criminals they were essentially as famous as The Beatles, Twiggy and more. Tom Hardy’s huge frame makes for an imposing set of characters, and his ability to play them so defiantly makes for a hell of a performance.


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