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Daddy’s Home Review

daddys home
The last time Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrel worked together was in the buddy cop movie The Other Guys, in which one of them played the nerd, and the other the tough guy. Essentially the same thing happens in Daddy’s Home, with Mark Wahlberg playing the tough guy badass biological father, and Will the dorky stepdad who just wants to be accepted.

Dusty (Wahlberg) comes home for a visit that is supposed to be lasting a week, and is greeted by his children who couldn’t be happier. It’s like he’s the never been gone and somehow deserves the father of the year award. Brad (Ferrell) on the other hand can’t get the kids’ approval, to the point where the daughter draws family pictures in which Brad is constantly getting killed, or pooped on.

daddys home

Brad tries to show he can be cool at every point, such as trying to park Dusty’s motorcycle but nearly destroying the house, electrocuting himself while skateboarding, and many more slapstick occurrences. Although I cringe at movies where the stupid character goes too far, Ferrell keeps himself constrained enough to be believable. Wahlberg doesn’t have to do much for his role, apart from flex some muscles and play the typical macho.

Thomas Haden Church is pretty funny as well as Brad’s boss, providing questionable advice and some stories about his past relationships in way too much detail. Linda Cardellini plays the mom whose job is to keep both dads’ under control, while also looking after the kids.

daddys home

Daddy’s Home is pretty funny in places, and Ferrell is pretty good which is surprising considering the last time I thought he played a funny character was Blades of Glory. It’s definitely worth a watch, but best left to when it’s release on DVD.

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