Who is Dhillon?

Kung Fury is so Awesome it gets the Sign of Approval from David Hasselhoff!


What is Kung Fury you may ask? You won’t have seen posters for it at the local cinema, it isn’t an independent film that some actor starred in to get an award at Cannes, hell it even isn’t a straight to TV sequel of Hollywood Blockbuster.

The film was a project set up on Kickstarter by a group called Laser Unicorns. Written and directed by David Sandberg, who also stars as a cop who was struck by lightning and then bitten by a cobra to become the sole martial arts master Kung Fury. The short film pokes fun at all possible Hollywood and Asian cinema clichés, from a cop who can’t follow the rules, to cheesy 80s synth music, as well as storyline straight out of a B-Movie. Kung Fury finds out at that the Hitler (who was also a Martial Arts expert) has travelled to the future to take over the world. Hitler, has renamed himself the Kung Führer after trying to use martial arts DNA to become the best fighter in history.

Kung Fury uses its short 30 minute run time to cram it full of lines that will go down in history from – “Knock Knock.” “Who’s there?” “Knuck…les?” and then throwing a punch into the bad guys face so he flies into the sky and then kicking back down into a well place tanker explosion, to him just sitting down with his girlfriend who puts her hand in his arm, and then King Fury instantly replies “Yeah. That’s my bicep.”

Everyone should watch Kung Fury and see you don’t need a big budget to be entertained. All you need is a clever script, some great support from family and friends, and the determination to see it out to the end. Plus $600,000 in backing from generous supporters. And a music video by David Hasselhoff himself! Hopefully we’ll see this either be made into a full blown movie, or a studio willing to turn it into a TV series. Fingers crossed!

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