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Newcastle Eagles vs. Bristol Flyers

Every Friday Dan Black has hosted the games at Northumbria University for the Newcastle Eagles. A few people from the office would always get the chance to see the games, and this Friday I was enticed by Holly with the guarantee that it would be awesome. As I had my camera to capture the eclipse that had took place earlier I thought this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. A quick text to Dan and I was sorted with a seat!

The atmosphere was amazing, with die-hard fans cheering on the Eagles, which must have impacted the Flyers as it was heard to silence the ‘boos’ as they tried to make each basket. The night was a spectacle of fun mini-games, cheerleaders and furious game on the court. It is something everyone should check out even if they’re not a fan of Basketball. In the end, the Eagles won 101 to 74 sending the Bristol Flyers packing.

Check out the pics below!


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