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Once in a Lifetime Solar Eclipse

March 20th, Friday morning, all eyes fixed to the skies. Everyone who had the time was looking for the Solar Eclipse taking place at 9.30am GMT. Newcastle was set for a 90% eclipse, which meant I had to get the camera out and capture it. Unfortunately the weather had other plans, as clouds covered the skies!

Every now and again there was a gap that gave us a slight glimpse of the Sun being blocked, and then it was gone again. 10 of us had cramped into the small room on the corner building yelling each moment we could see a bit of the action. At the same time we were waving at the guys perched at the top of Manors also looking disappointed at what they were seeing.

The experience overall was surreal, buildings were getting darker during the morning as cars automatically switched on there lights to see. We had any song remotely associated with the moon playing from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon to Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Once it was over there was a general disappointment, but it was still good to get involved in the excitement overall. Looks like I might need to go to East Asia for the next one on March 8 2016!

Check out the pics below anyway!

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