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Fast and Furious 7

Furious-7There are only a few films that can pull off a sequel, let alone 6 more. Too many series’ have milked it way past the good point, such as Saw, Final Destination and Home Alone. Fast and Furious on the other hand just seems to get better and better. Fair point though, it has slightly changed from the original design from Tokyo Drift. It now seems less about the racing and more about how they can use cars to look awesome at robbing people – essentially think Oceans Eleven with custom tuned racers.

Furious 7 has Dominic and his crew getting back to normal life after a turbulent run in with Owen Shaw, who is now hospitalised. Step in Jason Statham to take up the role of British badass out for revenge as Deckard Shaw –a Special Forces Assassin who is now a ghost.

After putting The Rock in hospital, he sets out to kill each member of Dom’s team one by one. What happens next is a foray across multiple continents as they try to capture the God’s Eye – a device which allows anyone to track someone down using any device one the planet, from camera phones to CCTV and more. Conveniently the God’s Eye is stored on a hard drive, in which case why didn’t someone just make it into a smart phone app?

furious-7 (1)

From a car chase in the mountains to steal a hacker from a private military group, to a heist in Dubai in a penthouse, Furious 7 travels the globe much like a Top Gear episode (actually why hasn’t Jeremy Clarkson featured in this yet?). The entire movie is one amazing set piece after another, with a few bits of dialogue thrown here and there to move the story along, which is what everyone’s pretty much come to see.

The highlight of the movie was always going to be Paul Walkers send off, with the actor having tragically died a few months into filming. You can definitely see them building up to the finale of how to close his chapter, and the fade to white after the tribute definitely leaves you feeling a little emotional. His brothers, the extra body doubles and the CGI have done an amazing job of stepping into his shoes to finish off the film – you won’t be able to tell the difference.


Fast and Furious 7 has done an amazing job of keeping the genre entertaining, while somehow taking the over the top factor way past notch 11. Seriously, take the scene from Die Hard of John McClane riding a jet, and multiply it by a million and that’s how insane this movie is – but somehow totally plausible. Go watch it!


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