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30 Seconds to Mars with You Me at Six


You Me At Six opened the night to warm at the crowd. They got everyone raising their fists and screaming with popular songs like Underdog and Bite My Tongue. Josh Franceschi, the lead singer and frontman encouraged people to mosh as much as they could, crowd surf, and basically be as maniac as they could. This was a sign of things to come.

Jared Leto opened 30 Seconds to Mars by slowly descending onto the stage from a small platform, a simple yet effective opening to the artsy nature of the rest of the show. They kicked off with tracks from their latest album Birth, followed by Night of the Hunter.

As the night went on the stage stunts got more and more epic, with guys on see-saws doing backflips, a dude in a massive hula hoop doing spins as well as Jared performing an acoustic version of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. Shannon Leto also performed a xylophone track, which was in complete contrast to the rock guitars of the night.

It was a night to remember for many fans, as 30 Seconds performed many songs for the first time, and the band pumped up the crowd as several fans got requests to join them on stage. I’m pretty sure the lad called ‘Jack’ will never be able to live the night down. Jared encouraged fans to cause as much anarchy as they could!

The band finished with an encore with Kings and Queens as well as Up In The Air. The entire show was and OMG you had to be there moment!

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