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Quadbiking with the Quadfather

A few weeks ago when the weather was rather cold and crummy, when there was talk of November being the month that would bring the snow, I got the chance to film some friends out Quadbiking for a stag do. They were there to spend a few hours at a filthy, muddy, waterlogged field with massive hills, deep water features and a group of owners who told me the place was at its best in the snow.

Quadfather is a quadbiking centre just minutes from the centre of Newcastle, in Cramlington. It’s run by friendly owners Rachel and Tim, and Martyn the crazy adrenalin addict helps out.

The day begins with everyone getting a talk about safety, as even though you’re out to have fun it can be easy to get carried away on the machines, then everyone does a few laps to get comfortable with the bikes (I stalled many times), and then they get onto the serious stuff.

The course is broken down into sections, with each part having a specific feature whether it’s the water feature, the big hill, the tyres or a forest. Each course gives you an entertaining mixture of terrain as well as you get stuck in muddy ditches, tight corners and straight-line speed. The overall day is set as a skills day; it is not designed for you to go super fast, it’s all about putting your talents to the test in controlling the bike. The great part is the track is still being improved, so you never know what it may look like when you turn up!

For a great day with a great bunch of people check it out!

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