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Songs to chill out to over Summer!

No Diggity was a classic R & B track by Blackstreet way back in 1996. It was the track that many people grooved to when R & B was ‘in’. Now Alice Jemima, a 19 year old singer songwriter from Newton Abbot, Devon has given a fresh take on it. Her version is more chilled with a rich tone that anyone can relax to during this hot summer. To me its got the same kind of vibe heard in The XX. As well as ‘No Diggity’, you’ve got to listen to her cover Kavinsky’s ‘Night Call’.

Next up we have Daft Punks ‘Get Lucky’ which has been remixed and mashed up by many, but Daughter’s cover is something else. The dark and seedy sound is like something you hear in a bar with a live band playing in the corner. It’s subtle and catchy but remains with you lingering in the back of your head while you hum along to it. There’s a certain finesse to it that separates it from the original in a good way.

Remember No Doubt? That band that had some great hits in 90’s but whose comeback wasn’t as epic. Well here we have a cover of a track they are most famous for. Computer Magic, a band who have the most weirdest Q and A on their website I have ever seen, have taken a crack at covering, and with it achieved something good. The distorted synth vibes and haunting vocals are very different from the indie sounds of the original song. It’s very similar to sounds of ‘Desire’.

For those needing a few more dancey tracks, Jaek’s remix of Brand New Colony is a great change to a track that remained my ringtone for many years! It retains enough of the original to remind you of how awesome it was, but enough of a change to keep it different.

And then we have Afuno’s take on Justice’s Phantom Pt 2, a song that was a classic on their album. The hyped up glitch beats make it a song that will keep your fists pumping in the air and cause many accidents in an elctro mosh pit.

I’ve also included a few extra songs which definitely deserve a listen! Don’t skip out on them!

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