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A little late to the Daft Punk party

Daft Punk are finally back to give us some new music for a proper album rather than a soundtrack, not that I’m saying the Tron soundtrack was poor, quite the contrary. I enjoyed it most when driving through snowy conditions while epic music boomed out the speakers amplifying the dreary conditions.

They’re latest track, Get Lucky, is the first off they’re upcoming fourth album Random Access Memories. The album is to be released on 17 May, and judging from the first released track, I can’t wait, not that we should expect anything less from Daft Punk.

Get Lucky is a retro sounding track that sounds like it came from 70s disco era. It’s funky to the max with an awesomely chilled out vibe. It is a perfect tune to relax to in summer whether it be at a garden party, a night out, or just driving in the car. Pharell’s vocals give you lyrics you can sing along to that easily hang long after the track is finished, with the synth lined Daft Punk vocals stepping in to mop up.

The track has already topped charts around the worlds, and I expect it to hang in the top 10 for a long time while getting maximum air play  Critics are already praising it to the highest level.

Anyway, if you haven’t hear check it out, as well as the many remixes popping up. The best one sa far to show how easily of a retro track this is, comes from a dog I believe. It has been made to sound easily like Michael Jackson retaining his trade mark He-Hees, Woos and Shamonas.

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