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Creating Something from Nothing

A few days ago I was browsing the web going through my feeds when I came across a video on Fail Blog. The video was less of a fail and way more of a win. Where as normal videos were of people falling over, typical mishaps and shenanigans, this was of stop motion on another level.

I can’t remember the name of the creator since I’m typing this away from any Internet connection to find out, but what they had done was taken a series of images from google street view, as the car moved from one picture to the next. They then stitched them together to make a stunning video of sunsets, great landscapes and amazing skylines. It takes stop motion in whole different direction.

The amazing part of this is they managed this without having to go to each location, without having to spend thousands to get the get equipment. It was all done from the comfort of their desk, with nothing but an idea. This just shows that its possible to create something amazing from nothing but an idea and just go from there.

This is just one example, others could include Pogo who creates music from Disney films, or that crazy dude who used his voice to recreate the Street Fighter theme tune. Check them all out below!!

Google Hyperlapse

Street Fighter Theme

Alice Pogo Remix

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