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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

The people at AMC decided to milk the Walking Dead series, by making a few games based on it. Telltale Games released a point and click adventure based on the first two seasons, while Terminal Reality have gone with making a first person shooter.

If you don’t know what Walking Dead is about, you either have been living under a rock, or have poor detective skills, since the title pretty much sums it up. You play as Daryl, who is trying to survive with his brother Merle. They move from town to town picking up survivors along the way. Terminal Reality gives players the towns they wish to visit while trying to get to Atlanta. Since the game is a prequel, you don’t run to Rick and the rest of the band of misfits. Instead you meet a lady called ‘Scout’, and some other characters integral to the story.

Walking Dead Survival Instinct Crossbow

Since I’m not a massive fan of the Walking Dead as many episodes are spent showing Rick freaking out, I wasn’t that excited by it. I pretty much booted it up not expecting much, truth is I shouldn’t have expected anything. The levels are pretty much spent either sneaking past zombies, or blowing their heads off one by one.  The armed crazy gunner approach is a bit more risky as the second you shoot, the rest of the dead start making their way towards you for a chunk of leg. Eventually you do acquire Daryl’s signature crossbow, which lets you kill them silently and recover your arrows just like in the show. As expected there are your moments when zombies jump out at you to create a scare, while other times your legging it from a zombie hoard, but overall the game is a bit dull.

Walking Dead Survival Instinct graphics

The levels just consist of you moving from A to B, running about and not doing much else. It’s not much of a survival game since there is plenty of food, ‘sports drink’ and weapons dotted about. The time that the game gets really annoying is when the zombies grab you, and your left stabbing for their head. I had a moment where there was a queue of 10 zombies, I killed one and then his mate would step up and have a go. You can just push them back and leg it, but I figured I’d test how many of them I could kill. There was no Daryl on the menu that time!

The game also has a distinct lack of visual appeal. Levels are dull and each town you go to has the same look as another you may have been to earlier. Even the zombies pretty much have the same attire. The graphics overall are pretty poor and are something to be expected on the Wii, not the Xbox 360. If you’ve ever watched or played Slenderman, that is what came to my mind as I walked through a police station with just a flashlight, but at least that was scary.

Walking Dead Survival Instinct Merle

I went into the game pretty much not expecting to be amazed, but this turned out less than average. Fans of the series will probably enjoy it, but for me its just a bore.


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