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Resident Evil 6 Zombification

Resident Evil 6

I’ve enjoyed the Resident Evil franchise since I played the first one on a mates PSOne. The graphics were crap, the controls odd, and the disc equivalent to changing the tape on an Atari. Those flaws were easily overlooked for the great atmosphere created by the awesome soundtrack and chilling gameplay. Much like the first zombie the game has evolved, bringing a storyline that has certainly expanded from just a haunted mansion.

Resident Evil 6 continues with more outbreaks as the world unites over a common foe. Leon has provided support to the president as he tells the world of the Raccoon incident, while Chris returns from leave to work with the BSAA. We are also introduced to Albert Weskers son who is trying to escape the authorities. Players can play as any choose any of these antagonists plot lines  and play as the secondary player for it if they wish, or via co-op split screens or online. This gives the game massive replay values since everyone will want to know exactly how the world gets so messed up.

Graphically the game is impressive, ranging from bright city outbreaks to secluded caverns full of sharks the size of a double-decker bus. The zombies lose body bits as you shoot them adding a nice bit of gore touch. The series has taken a turn towards action and not horror, with more gun play and button sequence than good old zombies popping out at you. I’ve spent more than three hours and gotta say there hasn’t been much of a jump out your pants moment.

Another change they’ve made is, rather than buying weapon upgrades, you get skills instead, for example to drop more bullets. It’s certainly different but I miss being able to visit that dodgy guy with the guns stashed in his raincoat. Overall its a good action game full of run and gun moment  and puzzle solving, but it feels like its gone from being survival horror, to more of a tomb raider game.

I miss the horrors in Resident Evil 2. Also if you get the archive edition for Playstation, you get Resident Evil 1, 2, 3 whereas Xbox users get shortchanged with only 4, Code Veronica and some others. Get the PS3 version.

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