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Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Tekken Tag 2Tekken is a game that divides players into 2 categories, those who can play it, and those who button mash it. Namco made a game that has a massive selection of moves and combos for those willing to master everything, and a an easy to use button mash for those who can’t be arsed.

Tekken Tag 2 Character List

Tekken Tag 2 Character List

I’ve followed the series since Tekken Tag Tournament on the PS2 so luckily I know what I’m doing. The original game was purely made to showcase the PlayStation’s graphics during its introduction. It had virtually no storyline, gave players a massive selection of fighters, and introduced a new format similar to wrestling, a 2 vs 2 with a tap in button to rest your player. They stripped this feature out as they went back to the main storyline for Tekken 4, 5 and 6, but now thankfully it’s back.

The reason I’m happy is although I enjoyed Tekken 4, number 5 and 6 were a bore, and with TTT 2 we’re back to the no-holds-barred-couldn’t-care-about-storyline-and-just-put-every-character-in-game. The dead characters like Jun are back as well as the new ones, including that tool Lars. Players can again use the stage to their advantage by smashing through floors, walls and anything that is nearby, but they’ve also thrown in accessories such as axes and guns to mix things up.

Tekken Tag 2

Kazuya smashes Jin in the chops.

The fists and feet are still where it’s at though, combos still look brutal, power moves are deadly, and the tap-ins to continue a juggle can easily smash an opponent to bits. If you’re in the corner with nothing to lose this can certainly provide a way out. Winning matches provides with possible promotions to the next ranking, and coins to spend on your characters. Customisation options are many, ranging from hats, trousers, and jackets, to mini accessories like axes.

This gives the game lasting appeal for those wanting to unlock everything, but the online mode is where it’s at. 4 people can play in one match with each person using their favourite character. Is no longer about picking the two best characters you’re good with, but the pairing up with and playing tactically with your mates.

Tekken Tag 2 is an excellent return to a classic format, the only thing letting it down is the graphics which haven’t changed from Tekken 6 but that’s not to say the don’t look good. Definitely check it out if you want to have fun mates at home or over the net.

Tekken Tag 2 Heiachi

Tekken Tag 2 Heiachi

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