Who is Dhillon?

Recent Outing to Durham Castle

I got the chance to spend half a day at Durham Castle and take in the breathtaking architecture, which I normally find a bore (bricks are only interesting when going through a window).

I’ve spent a few outings at the cathedral before but never knew about the castle on the opposite side of the parking lot, I just always though it was some more parts of the cathedral.

Past the gate entrance and into the courtyard you are instantly stunned by the sheer size of the building, from the grand main doors, to the upper part of the hotel on the hillside.

Most of my time was spent in the main hall filming guests as they ate, and the wonky staircase (it was like something out of Harry Potter) where they relaxed.

As the night began to settle, the lights amplified the features giving it a more picturesque setting, as well as making it feel that much more grand.

Check out the few pictures I captured while wandering about!

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