Who is Dhillon?

Wierd Day to Penshaw

Since it was an awesome day on Saturday, me and some friends headed to Herrington Park to grab some burgers, play some football and grab some ice cream. Two out of those three things happened, and only one of them very well. Surprisingly no where in the area of the park sold footballs! Okay people are expected to have their own, since this is England, full of football crazy lunatics who will riot just for the fun of it, but we failed to find one. We asked the café, the ice cream vans, the co-op store, the closest we came was a rock. No good.

In the end we gave up, and decided to get the barbecue going. Forgetting the cutlery resulted in cooking with a stick, which resulted in crispy sausages, which lead to a disposable barbecue being incinerated. We failed miserably, but at least we had some awesome ICE CREAM! the proper stuff from a dodgy looking van being run by a Romanian, slightly reminiscent of GTA.

I used to have a great view of Penshaw from my living room window back when I lived in Sunderland, but never actually when up to the monument, and still havent, but I got a chance to grab some top pics, have a messed up day out, and see a wedding in a random site. Granted it was only for pictures but definitely something I wasn’t expecting to happen.

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