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Day out in Durham and Then Harrogate – Fun Times?

I got a chance to be part of a training session at Durham Cathedral teaching people how to take better photographs. Since the area is full of great scenery and wildlife, this was a great place to build my skills. Since i was also filming the event I kinda missed out on some pointers ( thankfully I can view the video later) so I only improved a bit, plus I kept on zoning out to play about with my camera.

The day was thankfully warm and it didn’t rain even though it was overcast which is surprising Britain since we only have two kinda seasons, rain, and lots of rain.

The next day I got to spend in Harrogate since I had a meeting to attend, since it was short and I had the rest of the day I figured why not act like a complete tourist and wander round taking pictures. Since I had never been before I didn’t know what to expect, and it was a massive change from Newcastle. It seemed way more retro, as if I had somehow took a DeLorean there. Still it was nice to have a change and take in all the sights. Luckily my phone came in handy a few times as I found myself lost a bit at times, and starving, thank god for Wetherspoons!

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