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Passion Pit – Take a Walk Remixes

Passion Pit is a band I would not have heard of or got into until a mate made me listen to one of their tracks which was Sleepyhead, and that song went on to be my favourite off their 2007 debut EP ‘Chunk of Change’. The song was a catchy mishmash of synth pop with a backing vocal that appealed to my Indian background. After continuous play of the album, that single track went on to rack up a hefty play count.

Now they are getting ready to release they’re second album Gossamer, and a few excellent remixes of the song Take a Walk have cropped up.

The first remix is from The M Machine. The track is similar to a Tiesto track that you would hear at a rave but in a good way since the lyrics match the build up and drops very well. It makes for a nice house track to build the night up.

The next remix is from Highweights and is the one that really stands out for me, the electronic beats for some reason remind of Daft Punk. The use of synth as the beat is different compared to typical drum beats and makes the song unique.

The last track is a Gold Fields Remix, and is available to download from the official Passion Pit site. I gotta say although it keeps the track catchy, and seems pretty similar to a lot the regular indie tracks. This results in the song being something that would appeal to a mass audience, but unlike the Highweights remix, not something that is stand out tune.

The songs overall though will still remain on my playlist for a while!

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