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Dark Knight Rises Review

So here it is, the finale to the trilogy of Batman. We’ve seen him take the mantle as Gotham’s protector, and then falling as he takes the blame for Two Faces crimes so the name of Harvey Dent can live on.

We now see him 8 years later, Gotham city has become a better city where the Harvey Dent act keeps all the criminals at bay, and Batman is no longer needed. The film focuses on the character of Bruce Wayne and how he has failed to move on from the death of his love Rachel Dawes, with Batman hoping to make a come back like an 80s rock band.

His call is answered when Bane, the ruthless mercenary out to bring Gotham’s reckoning arrives on scene. Tom hardy plays the character awesomely with an evil genius, and shows a physical ability even the Bat can’t match. Hats off to Tom who brings a guilt free ruthlessness to a character out to fulfil his destiny and believes in it whole heartedly.

Anne Hathaway’s ‘Selina Kyle’ shows a menacing character who’s only need is to make some money for herself regardless of who she exploits, leaving watchers to guess what side of the fence she’s on. I didn’t see the point of her friend ‘Holly’, who was given plenty of screen time, but no explanation to who she was or why she was there. Comic book fans will know who she is but everyone else will be left wondering what the heck she is doing hanging out with Selina.

The film can be long winded at times, but the explosive set pieces, physical torture of Batman, and Bane’s grand execution of Gotham’s soul makes this film a great way of coming full circle. Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows how even an ordinary joe can help when times call for more. Overall it was an amazing end, but nothing will ever top ‘the dark  knight’. Still it was close.


Trivia: Batman might come back in a DC Comics reboot to tie in with the current Green Lantern and the new Superman movie ‘Man of Steel’.

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