Who is Dhillon?

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OriginalPeopleEvolve and WhoIsDhillon

A friend needed some help to put together a video to go on his site at OriginalPeopleEvolve. I figured I would give it a shot since I had some free time, and I liked the concept of promoting people who don’t really get noticed. The video may turn up soon, but who knows for now, instead I’m giving a small sample of the trailers created to promote his site, and mine.

The annoying part of the OPE trailer was getting the colours to change when the letters intersect, but it was a simple case of changing the blend mode. The toggles are placed in a stupidly hidden place for this feature! I wanted the trailer to look like something to be used on an MTV commercial so kept it simple, but very artistic.

For my trailer I also managed to quickly learn how to use the Track Matte feature, which has evaded me for such a long time, people kept on talking about it but I had to google a tutorial on how to use it. I don’t know why but as I was creating the trailer I started heading in the direction of something similar to Mad Men kind of retro style.Anyway enjoy!

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