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Spectre Review

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Since I haven’t blogged for ages, I figured I would get back into it with a review of Spectre, the 24th James Bond film that came out a month ago, and you’ve probably heard everyone talking about it. So another review couldn’t be so bad, and if it is deal with it.

Sam Mendes is back, and after the awesome Skyfall, he is taking a less serious direction with Spectre. Where as Skyfall was more serious, Spectre is slightly more ‘camp’ old school James Bond with the cheesy jokes and witty one-liners to get the Bond girl into bed. I seriously thought this wasn’t directed by the same person who done the previous films. Still, it is what the character does best.


Spectre opens with a massive bang, as James is in Mexico during the Day of the Dead. During a slight ruckus we end up with a blown up building, a chase scene and then a fight in a helicopter in the middle of the celebration. Pretty much topping the opening of Quantum of Solace.


This time it’s personal for James, as a shady message from M (Judy Dench) tells him he must kill an assassin called Sciarra, who thankfully is already dead. During the funeral he bumps into Sciarra’s wife, tells him how to find the organisation called Spectre and tie everything together.

While James is chasing down ghosts of his past, the current M is having to battle a threat to the double-0 program. As in the real world, with the crazy amount of digital information floating around and a government wanting to use this information, he is having to battle a Nine Eyes program that is looking to use all the information for British Intelligence.


Although all these elements keep Spectre interesting, the let down for me has to be Christoph Waltz as the main villain. He seems very underused, although the build-up to the big reveal as to why he is doing all of it is interesting. Unfortunately, the big finale with as the characters square off is also pretty dull, but then again his character is all about brains and not brawn.

Overall Spectre nicely wraps up the reboot series, but to me isn’t the strongest of the four. There are a lot of convoluted scenes and a story that is sometimes difficult to follow. It’s funny seeing the homage to all the old James Bond traits though, and it would be interesting to see where they go from here.

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