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Top Gear at the Metro Radio Arena!

Top_Gear_Live_7Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May in front of a crowd of thousands of petrol heads, comedy fans and girlfriends dragged to the show to keep their boyfriends happy. What’s not to love?!

What interested me most was how they were going to take all the antics and traveling they do on the show and cram it into the arena, they can’t exactly take all the fans to the Australian outback or the jungles of the Amazon?

The show kicked off with the same stage seen on the TV show, albeit with a V8 engine installed and the steering wheel in James’ hands. After a few doughnuts on the Top Gear stage, they kicked off the show with the Stunt Team. A set of four Ford Fiesta’s wooed the fans as they drove about in reverse, done some epic swerving near misses and finished with some extreme parking.


After they left it was back to the Top Gear style shenanigans as the 3 hosts and the Stig decided to have a race in the world’s smallest forms of transport. Jeremy was in the P45 seen a few series back, James was in a customised suitcase with an engine that could carry your luggage, Richard had a motorised chair while the Stig was in the classic Peel P50. Hilarity ensued as they raced around the makeshift track, which is what the fans came to see.

The night alternated between various motoring stunts such as cars on fire, motorcycles defying gravity in a cage and the 3 baboons doing their own pieces of entertainment. It was clear to see the show was completely staged much like on TV, but the crowd didn’t care. They were here to be entertained and they were getting more than they bargained for, making the night an amazing spectacle that really showed that Top Gear can handle its own when it doesn’t have the ability to travel the world.


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