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The Voices – Ryan Reynolds is Tripping Balls!

The-Voices-2014-movie-poster-682x1024Ryan Reynolds is back in another indie film after appearing in several larger films such as Turbo, Green Lantern and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He’s appeared in many indie films before such as Buried and a personal favourite of mine The Nines – even though they haven’t really ever been massive hits.

In The Voices he plays Jerry, an always-happy factory worker who must always dress in pink. Everyone treats him like a nobody but Jerry continues putting on a happy face so he doesn’t upset them and continue to think he is fitting in. It’s only when he goes to his abode above an abandoned bowling alley that seems to be in the middle of nowhere that we see that everything isn’t what it seems.


Queue the most foul mouthed cat with a Scottish accent called Mr Whiskers telling Jerry “The only reason they don’t fire your ass is because you’re so hopelessly pathetic you amuse them.” And that’s where the dark comedy parts of this film begin to set in. Jerry has to take pills to keep his mentally unstable side in check, similar to his mother he hears voices in his head which originally began with a sock puppet in his childhood.

To balance out the evil cat with murderous tendencies, we also have Jerry’s dog Bosco who sounds as dumb as a box of rocks but keeps telling him he is not a bad person and he shouldn’t listen to Mr Whiskers. Jerry even with all his good nature, accidently becomes a killer after a car crash while giving his crush Gemma Arterton a lift home after she stood him up. As what can only be described as a souvenir, her head ends up in his fridge and provides a great addition to the already weird ‘family’. Fiona (Gemma) starts talking to Jerry convincing him that she needs a friend as it’s getting pretty lonely in the fridge, and Mr Whiskers agrees which is never a good thing.

Ryan Reynolds does a great job of showing what happens to someone who for all their good intentions, is forced down a dark path due to their mental instability. At one point I was actually feeling sorry for his character, as we could see that he didn’t want to do all these things, but he had no way of escaping from the people telling him it was fine.


The Voices is overall a fun dark comedy that is defined by Ryan Reynolds excellent performance and a great supporting role from Anna Kendrick. It won’t break box office records, or be the film everyone is talking about in 2015, but The Voices has certainly cemented itself as a cult classic.

The one certainly epic thing to take away from this though is Ryan Reynolds can definitely play a crazy murderer so come on DEADPOOL!!!

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