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Interstellar – A Galaxy Away from Batman


Interstellar is the latest epic movie from Christopher Nolan with brother Jonathon Nolan. Originally this was penned for Steven Spielberg back in early 2000’s, but after being put on hold it’s finally out with Christopher at the helm.

Interstellar is hugely different from the Batman trilogy, its more along the lines of his earlier films such as Memento and Prestige. Instead of grand action scenes and set pieces, Christopher is using emotion and storytelling to take the viewer through an epic tale of travelling beyond the unknown.


Matthew McConaughey plays Cooper, a father who has to look after his two kids in a time when the world’s food supply has run out, and he doesn’t want to see them give up. Once a Nasa pilot, he now spends his time farming corn, the last crop that can survive in the harsh world regularly plunged into dust storms that are suffocating the survivors. Conveniently he stumbles onto Nasa’s plan to send astronauts through a black hole to find a new home for the human race, the only problem is he has to leave his family behind, and has no idea when he will get back.

Queue a trip through a black hole to planets unknown, with plenty of physics thrown in to keep the story realistic, from the bending of time and space to what black hole would like as we travelled through it.


Christopher Nolan uses emotion though as the main driver of the storyline, questioning how far mankind would go to survive, from those that were thought to be the bravest of the race falling from grace, to those that sacrifice their own humanity to keep hope alive.

Interstellar is truly an epic movie that lasts over two hours, and during that time you will see the depths of human emotion (every main character has sob scene), worlds beyond the stars and a story that a heart of it is about what people will do to keep their family together.

Interstellar im-2022

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