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Edge of Tomorrow Review


Tom Cruise is back again this year with another action flick set in the not too distant future. Much like Oblivion, Cruise must battle for Earths survival. Thankfully that’s where th
e similarities end (actually I lied, again Tom and another lass team up but that’s it).

Tom Cruise plays Major William Cage, whose job is to make sure the army looks good on TV, but all that changes when he must go to report on the front lines of the war. After trying to weasel his way out of it he gets thrown into the deep end with J-Squad, a group of rejects who are required to essentially babysit him.

As expected from his history of never being in a fight, within fight minutes of landing on the beach he ends up dying, but that is when he finds out he is reliving the last 24 hours or so. Essentially it’s all Groundhog Day meets Saving Private Ryan. As he relives each day he tries to understand what’s going on, and then eventually uses it to his advantage as he begins to develop his skills.


Once he figures out what’s going on, he tries to save various people on the beach and on doing so runs into Sergeant Rita Vrataski (played by Emily Blunt), who it turns out also had the same power as him. She plays the star soldier who everyone knows and fears, and she begins to train Cage and eventually tells him how he got it, and how he can use it to win the war.

Edge of Tomorrow provides a great sci-fi action fest with some amazing CGI effects, even if the fights are repeated several times. Thankfully Cage’s character tries every option to try and survive which keeps it fresh, and ever now and again throws in some great comedy pieces to keep us from getting over exposed to the explosions. The ending I feel is just too Hollywood which unfortunately let me down, but overall a great film which shows Tom Cruise back to his best.


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