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Electric Run Lights Up the Night in Manchester!

Take a light night in Manchester(a rainy one at that), add a load of different kinds of dance, EDM and house music, throw in 4,000 odd people covered in neon head to toe and tell them to run 5K.

That pretty much sums up the Electric Run. What you don’t get is the crazy people jumping raving excited to run, and pumped up. You don’t really see this at normally at other runs. Something about shifting the run to a late night and throwing glow sticks into the mix takes it to a whole other level.

It was essentially a massive night club where to get past the bouncer you got to do a bit of light exercise. Along the way we got to see the different DJ sections they created from a Deadmau5 bit, to a rainbow road, and they built a great atmosphere to keep every excited as they done there run.

Once people reached the finish line they got a to see a great show headed up by Kate Lawler. It was a fantastic end to a great night!

See the rest of the pictures here!

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