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Robocop Reboot Review

Robocop 2014

Step right up, step right up! Ladies and gentleman, here we have the freak Robocop, and I don’t mean the man with all the robot limbs, I mean this awful film!

Robocop is a film from my childhood that I really shouldn’t have saw considering all the foul language, brutal violence and massive drug references, but hey, it was entertaining and had a great assortment of toys based round it, so they knew no one cared about the age rating.

When I heard about the reboot, like many I was sceptical considering the crap that come before it in terms of terrible remakes (Nightmare on Elm Street, Death at a Funeral, the list could go on). Then I saw the promo, decent action, decent cast and better graphics, this could be alright.

Instead what we get is what most people are complaining about, a Robocop that has none of the satire found in the original, none of the sharp dialogue, and none of the brutal violence (Robocop uses a Taser for gods sake!). ED-209 doesn’t even get screen time to fall down some stairs!

This remake is all action as we see him flying about on his motorbike trying to solve who killed him and why, all while he tries to get back in with his family. Robocop doesn’t even look as menacing as he used to, where as before he was robot that looked like it had taken aluminium steroids, we now have a machine that is streamlined and looks like a Power Ranger.

This film is pretty much summed up in one scene where Alex Murphy is shown what remains of him, a head, a random hand and some lungs. Too much over thinking with its head, with none of the heart of the original, and a random hand to give it the finger.

Robocop 2014

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