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Fall Out Boy with special guests Pretty Reckless

Fall Out Boy Save Rock And Roll
Fall Out Boy has been touring Europe since 28th Feb promoting their newish album Save Rock & Roll which came out last year in April.  The album was recorded in secrecy after many reformation attempts during the bands hiatus, and has since gained many positive reviews while also hitting number one in the US – the bands second album to do so.

The night kicked off with support act Pretty Reckless, with lead singer Taylor Momsen psyching the fans up for the night ahead. I honestly had no idea who they were but they got off to a good start with some amazing guitar riffs and cracking drum solos. Interesting fact about them though – the lead singer played Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey. It’s an interesting contradiction of the character she played, against the anarchistic music they put out. The band put on a great show performing ‘Miss Nothing’, ‘Heaven Knows’ and lead single ‘Going to Hell’. At times the sound coming out of her sounded less like a woman, and more like a monster!

Eventually it was time for Fall Out Boy to grace the stage. Patrick came onto the stage with cheers from the fans as they welcomed them all to the show, and then joined by Pete Wentz. They kicked off the night with ‘The Phoenix’ from the new album and then going ‘I Slept with Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me’ – which I’m pretty sure some of the screaming fans at the front were more than willing to do.

The band performed with the same enthusiasm as in seen in their videos with Pete doing the regular guitar pirouettes and Joe Trohman running and jumping off the ramps. They also brought out the balloons to turn this into a hell of party!

As the night hit the halfway point they changed it up by running onto a raised platform in the middle of the arena to perform a few acoustic tracks including ‘Chicago is so Two Years Ago’. This was a great way to change things up and the fans really loved them for it.

To wrap up the show they performed Dance Dance, which has long been one of my favourite songs, and hearing it live brought back memories of listening to the song on my way to college and everywhere else I went on full volume!

The evening came to a great close with ‘Thnks fr th Mmrs’ which certainly made the entire a night something to remember. It has been a great comeback for Fall Out Boy!

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