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Titanfall Review


Everyone pretty much imagines having an imaginary pet that is slightly out of this world, from dragons to unicorns to maybe an octopus if you’re into that kind of thing. Well after Titanfall, everyone is going to want one of their own that they can casually stroll about with (and Microsoft knows it since that is how they advertised the game).

Titanfall is essentially a game based around classic Japanese mechs such as Gundam Wing and Zone of the Enders. It’s a wonder it took someone so long to come up with an idea that links a manic fps with a giant robot that obliterates everything.

The storyline of Titanfall is pretty basic – mankind has set itself up on some space colonies, but a greedy corporation has started pushing them around and stealing their resources. This sparks a revolution that forms the two sides of the game.

Titanfall screen 1

The campaign is pretty much a series of multiplayer matches linked together with a few cut scenes to make sense of what is going on. It’s a nice way for new players to get used to the mechanics of the game and once settled move onto the online stuff. For more seasoned players, they have added a few mechs to unlock for online play to at least get them to play it. Thankfully it’s short enough to blast through!

The online play comes with a few typical game modes from team death match to king of the hill. Call of Duty and Battlefied players will fit right in, understanding the basic concepts of weapon load outs and attachments to ordinances, which are essentially perks. You can modify your Titan as well to suit your play style, ranging from up close and personal machine gunning, to sniping from long range with a cannon.

The fun from Titanfall comes from the opening two minutes of a match as players battle it from the tops of rooftops to the streets below, pretty much anywhere is accessible with the parkour running and jetpacks which allow you to scale everything. It’s a great combination of Mirror’s Edge meets Call of Duty. The lobbies offer standard 6v6 but crank it up with extra bots to keep things hectic. Killing the bots is handy to shave seconds of the Titan build time, but killing actual players, know as pilots, is where the real points are made.

Graphics on the other hand do look great, from the run down slum villages to the shiny looking cities. The graphics do look amazing but at times when there’s too much action going on slow down can be noticed. It would have been great if they also borrowed from Battlefield and allowed various building to be smashed to bits with your Titan, possibly by using the Frostbite engine, but maybe next time. Right now the game looks like a great sci-fi warzone that is a feast for the eyes.

Overall the game provides amount of fun carnage, with a good start to levels and game modes. It may need more to keep some people interested, but thankfully the levelling system, the ability to unlock newer and better weapons will keep people attached for a while.

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