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Blue Reef Aquarium Day Out

So I got the chance to go to an event hosted by Brian Moore from Metro Radio at Blue Reef Aquarium in Whitley Bay. I hadn’t been to an aquarium since I was a kid on a school trip so my expectations were pretty much equivalent to watching Finding Nemo – a few fish in a tank with nothing special happening.

The event got off to an interesting start after we got to handle some starfish out of a tank, they pretty much freaked out like I did after touching them, with their dodgy claws closing up.

We slowly made our way to some otters who had their own smelly indoor pool, letting them play about all day. As everyone watched them do some awesome dive-bombs into their pool, we got to reward them by throwing peanuts into their pool.

After that we checked out some different kinds of fish from various parts of the world while we made our way to the monkey cages. The center had a 2 or 3 monkeys which looked awesome with their go faster stripes running down their head like a biker mohawk. These cool dudes were awesome to the MAX, and now I want my own!

After the monkeys we slowly made our way to the main event, a family of seals who Brian had the joy of kissing. Unfortunately, after wining and dining them, he got rejected four times till it happened (playing hard to get?)! After the kiss, we got to see the seals do some tricks like epic backflips, high fives and splashes. It was a great way of wrapping up the event! The ladies from the Blue Reef Aquarium were also great hosts for the day, teaching us all about the different sea creatures at the aquarium!

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