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David Bowie and his big surprise.

David Robert Jones, or David Bowie as he’s known, is making a comeback. The 70s music sensation has released his new single ‘Where are we now?’ to much celebration.

David Bowie first set the world alight in the 70s. Born in 1947 in Brixton, London, and raised by mum Margaret Mary and dad Haywood Stenton, Bowie was considered an adequate choir singer with above average musical ability.

After many attempts to break in to the pop industry, Bowie’s success came from single ‘Space Oddity’. Released on 11 July 1969, days after the Apollo 11 launch, it became a top 5 hit in the UK. His second album also of the same name was released months later in November.

In 1976 Bowie moved to West Berlin to clean up his drug addiction and reignite his dying career. Focusing on minimalist, ambient music he created a trio of albums known as the Berlin Trilogy. The albums featured hit singles ‘Sound and Vision’ and ‘Heroes’. During this time he worked artists such as Iggy Pop and guitarist Robert Fripp. The Berlin Era came to a close with Bowie and Angela splitting up.

During the Noughties David Bowie even ventured into creating music for a computer game called Omikron. The songs would later be re-recorded to feature on his album ‘Hours’. While touring in 2004 after suffering chest pain, David underwent heart surgery after being diagnosed with an acutely blocked artery. This resulted in Bowie creating less music, as he recorded vocals for various songs, featured on other artists’ albums such as Arcade Fire and Tv on the Radio.

In 2006 Bowie was awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement award, after which he took a hiatus till now.

Released on 8th January, David Bowies new single ‘Where are we now?’ reflects upon his past years in Berlin. The video opens with some creepy looking Bowie dolls singing away. The large screen in the background shows the Berlin Wall, a symbol which couldn’t exactly be left out. The video shows many key locations during Bowies time in Berlin while the creepy dolls continue to sing. It finishes with him looking at the studio in which he created his work and looking very reflective on his past.

The video was directed by Tony Oursler who also created the videos played at Bowies 50th birthday concert. His work has been featured all of the world including New York, Barcelona and New Zealand.

On the release though the song was ineligible to be entered in to the charts, but now the mistake has been cleared up as the Official Charts Company has allowed paid-for downloads to be counted, however download companies such as iTunes will need to provide data. The song was given away for free to people who pre-ordered the album which therefore meant it wasn’t counted. During this buzz, David Bowies back catalogue has also seen a boost.

The song is a simple and minimalistic with Bowie providing a lyrical insight to his past. Older fans will be used to this music style from Bowie, yet the newer generation who have grown up with pop and dance tracks hogging the charts will be left thinking ‘Is he on crack?’.  Although I have heard Bowies work, and seen him perform in Labyrinth, this song is noting special. To me it’s a self-indulgent track of an artist from a bygone era who has jumped on the nostalgia bandwagon.

Still this is Bowie though, the man who defined the music of the 70s and 80s, and influenced many artists after that. He introduced the glam rock lifestyle of creating a persona, which has been used by other artists such as Kiss, Twisted Sister and the Motley Crue. So if an artistic that has shaped many generations decides to show he is still alive, the world will listen.

Jonathan Ross is excited he is back, he likes the sound of it while stating Bowies voice sounds less majestic. Neil McCormick of the Daily Telegraph is also happy with the comeback saying the song as something that is not a big dramatic comeback, but a small, perfectly formed, poetic song.

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