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Tron: Uprising is out!

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find the first episode of the new animated series Tron: Uprising available to download. Disney has given fans the chance to watch the entire first episode which lasts 30 minutes, entitled ‘Beck’s Begging’.

Tron Uprising City

The grid looks as good as ever, with the neon glow making everything look hypnotic.

The episode introduces us with Beck (voiced by Elijah Wood) being held by Rinzler, and the two going back and forth about why Beck is impersonating Tron and how he intends to crush Clu. The reason for Beck wanting revenge is the death of his friend early on at the hands of Clu’s henchman. As the animation progresses we see how friends and foes want to see Tron succeed,as well as being introduced to Paige who will be Beck’s main enemy (possibly becoming an ally?), and the main bad guy Tesler.

Tron Uprising Disc War

Early on we see the shows protagonist Beck having a friendly disc battle with Bodhi.

The show gives us a nice mixture of everything we’ve come to expect from the Tron universe, from Lightcycle chases to disc battles, all in a neon grid that looks amazing in cartoon form, as well as giving us a glimpse of everyday life on the Grid. The music is also very similar to the score created by Daft Punk which will certainly keep fans happy. The addition of giving Bruce Boxleitner an actual full part to play, even if it is just his voice, is another great move as he wasn’t given much screen time in Tron: Legacy.

The one thing I would love to see done with show is possibly a 3D version as it would work very well considering the animation quality, it may even look better than Tron: Legacy. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but so far Tron: Uprising is off to a great start.

Tron Uprising Lightcycles

The Lightcylces are back!

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