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Temper Trap – Need Your Love (RAC Mix)

I can’t say I’ve heard much of Temper Trap other than Sweet Disposition which I’ve played to death. If I’m honest Need Your Love is the second song I’ve probably heard by them, and I gotta say it is awesome, its an epic style of song if that can be called a genre, much like Florence and the Machine. The video for it pretty much sums it up, a Karate Kid 1.5 sequel in which we see what happens to Johnny of the Cobra Kai after he fails to beat Daniel. I wouldn’t mind seeing it made into an actual sequel, but it would probably not have the same effect!

RAC on the other hand has been bringing out remixes of quality tracks such as Lana Del Rey, Depeche Mode, Kings of Leon and Bloc Party, many of which I have listened to plenty of times and passed around. So when there was a new remix out of Temper Trap, I snapped it up. The beats are slowed down, the battle drums are replaced with chilled elctro rhythms, and overall it gets a nice relaxed 80s vibe. I can’t knock it whatsoever, it is a quality track which I know I’ll have on repeat again and again.

Check out the remix below, and they’re own take on the Karate Kid sequel!

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