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The Fontains – An Epic Band

During filming an event at Kirkley Hall, the evenings entertainment was a live band by the name of the Fontains. While they were setting up the drums, the fender bass and guitars, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My initial thoughts was a simple indie band hoping to get themselves heard, who wouldnt really be any different from the millions of other indie bands, big and small, that sound exactly the same.

How wrong I was.

Okay, they played covers of songs by bands such as The Clash, Kings of Leon, Razorlight and many others, but at the same time they bring originality to the table. They were more lively than big name bands who just come onto a stage, play a song and then leave. These three lads (they are from Newcastle!) engaged an audience and made everyone feel like they were part of the show. They threw themselves into the lyrics and, dare I say it, made some songs sound better than ever.

Theres no point saying I wish them the best of luck, they’ve played venues from Camden to Glasgow, but still I do wish to hear more from them so I definitely hope they do achieve dizzying heights. Check out their site for upcoming events!

Click the images below for a truly unique experience!

The Fontains Animated

An animated image of the Fontains that provides a surreal experience.

The Fontains Animated 2

A second image expanding the surreal experience.

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Fontains Flickr Set

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