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Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans ft. Azealia Banks (Smims&Belle Extended Remix)

For the past few months I’ve been constantly listening to Lana Del Rey, but not her own work. She does have a half decent album which has been doing very well, but I’m more interested in the amount of remixes of her work that are hitting speakers left, right and well below the safe bass line.

Thanks firstly to the PatrickReza dubstep remix of Blue Jeans, I started collecting any quality remix of her work that I could find, such as Gemini’s remix of Born To Die with its built up drop, Ashes remix of Blue Jeans which is a maniac of a track, to Liam Walds’ darkly chilled version of Video Games.

After a few months away branching to other remixes of artists such as Kings of Leon, Two Door Cinema Club and The Temper Trap, it seems I’ve come full circle to another Lana Del Rey remix. Smims&Belle have created something certainly different. Lyrics are chopped into crazy samples, the electro mixes awesomely with Azealia Banks, and you’re left with a track that is a crazy mash of different genres. It altogether works amazingly!

Once again I’ll have Lana on repeat.

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