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The Autopsy of Jane Doe


Sometimes a film comes along that just simply delivers on all aspects and somehow manages to do it without needing a huge budget, an all-star cast or massively expensive marketing campaign. The Autopsy of Jane Doe is one of those films.


Taking place in a single location, Austin (Emile Hirsch) helps his father Tommy (Brian Cox) work as the town’s coroners in their family’s morgue (yep they have their own morgue for some reason?).

The town’s sheriff Sheldon drops off a body at the end of the day, a Jane Doe (Olwen Kelly). Her body was found buried in a house where a gruesome triple murder just took place, with everyone appearing to have committed suicide. Wanting a quick answer, Sheldon asks the coroners to begin dissecting the body so he can figure out what happened at the scene.


As Tommy and Austin begin investigating Jane Doe, they uncover one mystery after another, from internal burns, broken bones and more all contained within a pristine body. After each inspection of the body, the Jane Doe just gets creepier and creepier, while the characters confined location builds suspense. Both actors deliver a great character performance elevating the film from being a simple scary movie to a supernatural horror and engrossing mystery.


Director André Øvredal has delivered an amazing film for his first English feature, the film moves at a great pace, allowing time to breathe as the events grow scarier. The film is easily one of 2016’s hidden gems that deserves to be seen. It reminds me of Ryan Reynolds ‘Buried’, but only much better!

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