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Jurassic World – T-Rex on ‘roids?


Jurassic World takes place 22 years after Jurassic Park, the first movie in the franchise, and on the same island. Since then the world has grown used to dinosaurs, with all the glitz and glamor of bringing an animal back to the life completely gone. Much like the audience going to see the movie, the audience in the film want bigger and better dinosaurs. So the creators of the theme park think – hey why not splice some DNA together and make a hybrid dinosaur? It’s not like those horror movies could be right?

Bryce Dallas Howard is in charge of running the amusement park, making sure the dinosaurs are entertaining and visitor numbers keep growing. Chris Pratt plays a glorified zoo keeper who has trained some velociraptor’s as his pets, but I’m highly doubtful any vet will go near them when it comes to giving them vaccine shots or whatever.


After the hybrid dinosaur Dr Wu created escapes, the two must work together to bring it down and stop it from reaching the evacuation area of the island where thousands of visitors are currently hiding. Bryce also has the issue of her two nephews who have gone AWOL after deciding to go into an area that is pretty much super-duper fenced off. Jurassic World combines everything from the three previous films and strings them together to create a partially new one. Director Colin Trevorrow hasn’t really got anything fresh to work with here, and just has a movie that plays homage using various set-pieces, such as the massive dinosaur eye freaking out some kids to fields of dinosaurs showing the scope of the park. All they’ve really done is turn the scale of the dinosaurs up to 11, which is more than enough to keep the basic storyline entertaining.

jurassicworldJurassic World gives us the closest thing we can have right now to real dinosaurs, as well as showing what could be with a bit of genetic modification, but that’s about it. The plot is simple while the characters are essentially re-models of the ones seen in the previous films. Still, turn the sound up to the max and enjoy it on a grand scale to take it all in!

Anyways, check out this funny parody to see what could have been…


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