Who is Dhillon?

Big Hero 6 featuring the Pillsbury Doughboy

Rl6An8oWhen Disney and Marvel work together you get Big Hero 6, a film bout Hiro, an orphan who has some amazing tech talent but uses it in the wrong way (with great power comes great responsibility?), in the intro he builds a robot to hustle back alley gamblers in robot fighting. After being saved by his brother Tadashi, he is shown that he can use his talents to help people. At this point we are introduced to Baymax, a smaller scale Pillsbury Doughboy styled robot. Baymax job is to help people by detecting when they are hurt and coming to their aid, whether it is physical or emotional.

Unfortunately after being shown what Hiro can do with his talents, he suffers a setback in the form of his brother being killed in a fire at the university. Baymax and Hiro become a Sherlock and Watson tag team as they try investigating the fire, with Baymax providing comical one-liners as his slow and bubbly self tries to keep up with Hiro.


Once we are introduced to the bad guy we find out he has stolen Hiros invention, a billion microbots that can do and form anything their master commands them to. After seeing this Hiro figures out he is at a huge disadvantage – queue montage of a superhero team forming. The best of the bunch has to be Fred, a stoner (in a kids film?!) who wants his outfit to be a dragon that breathes fire, who gets his wish plus the ability to jump really high.

The team get together to solve the mystery of who this villain is and what his involvement was in the university fire, which involves the same ingredients as other superhero films as they try to use their individual powers but find out they must work as a team if they are to succeed.


Big Hero 6 is everything a you would come to expect from a Marvel film, funny scenes in a movie about someone going from zero to hero and discovering something about themselves along the way. Throw Disney into the mix and you have some interesting all round family fun with the knowledge that the main characters will probably end up in a toy line and selection of spin-offs. I’m already expecting a TV series and a bunch of sequels.


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