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Horns Review

Horns poster 5

Daniel Radcliffe has a massive test on his hand to shake off his stereotype of being Harry Potter. He had the leading role in Woman in Black which to me was as scary as finding out I’m all out of batteries for my Xbox controller.

In Horns he plays Ig Perrish, a teenager accused of killing his girlfriend. What doesn’t help is she was churchgoer so that instantly throws it up to level 11 of the Oh-Shit-You-Fucked-Up scale. After being hounded by the town and press Ig wakes up one day with a horn, and not the kind of morning horn you would be happy with. Instead it’s on his head, and eventually gives the him the power to have people carry out their darkest desire at that moment in time.


This leads to various random events such as a receptionist telling a woman to get her kid to shut up, to his mother telling him she wished he would just go away and leave her in peace. Eventually he figures out he can use his powers to get people to admit things they wouldn’t normally, and find the actual killer.

To make the audience feel a connection with the character, Ig’s crime solving scenes are split with shots of how the kids got to know each other as they grew up. Eventually we start learning things about all the characters as they movie throws various curveballs to keep us guessing who the real killer is, all with the regular teen soundtrack you would expect from such a niche movie.

Horns is a good movie that mixes up the murder mystery genre, but at the end you will be left thinking what a bunch of idiots the group at the end are.


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