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3D isn’t Dead – it’s just not in the Right Place


I got the chance to see Transformers 4 in 3D at the Imax in Metro Centre. Fair dooz it wasn’t exactly the greatest film to see at the Imax but it did show was how well 3D can work.

The problem that always crops up with 3D is the glasses. Yes they are annoying and they get in the way, but we’re slowly getting to the point where we don’t need them. Personally I prefer the passive selection of glasses as they are lightweight and require no maintenance, and if they do break are easily replaced. Really though these aren’t the problem, they are just a slight inconvenience as during a decent movie you forget they are there.

Now the real problem with 3D is the rooms we view them in. Since it came out we’ve always been told we need in our homes as it’s going to make our viewing experience miles better, but that is utter crap. The whole point of 3D is to make the whole experience of watching a film more immersive, unfortunately that doesn’t work so well on a 42” screen, 50” or 65”. Regardless of large or small screen, it won’t work as well as it should.

To get the whole in your face experience you need the largest screen possible, and the only place you’re going to find that is the cinema. On a large screen in room with a perfectly calibrated screen and the right seat you really do get the feeling of depth on the screen. At home its very difficult for a typical family to have the TV in the most ideal viewing angle, with seating suitable for people enjoy what they are watching from any chair in the room.

Until we get a 3D screen that allows us to view from any angle due to the arrangement of a typical room, 3D in the home will be good but not as great as it could be. Also it’s best to figure out how much 3D content you will actually watch, as it may be better to enjoy the 3D experience in the cinema where it will be the best, and come with a full blown surround sound setup unlike no other. Plus ice cream, extortionate ice cream.

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