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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review


Andrew Garfields Spider-Man is back for his second outing as a teenager battling the typical responsibilities of being a kid growing up with the greater responsibility of being New York’s hero. He is still dating Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacey after promising her father he wouldn’t, which is now taking his toll as he tries to balance his relationship with his constant need to save people.

The second instalment has it’s collection of villains with Jamie Foxx playing Electro, a nerdy worker from Oscorp who is saved by Spider-man and ends up developing an obsession with him. After an encounter at Times Square goes wrong, Electro’s view on Spidey changes from devoted fan to crazy villain who wants to kill him. Jamie plays the character with an over-nerdiness at the start which is cringe worthy but this works to the characters development after he changes to villain as the transition is much more believable.


Dane DeHaan plays Harry Osborne who has just taken over the family business but finds out he is cursed to die prematurely, and the only way to cure him is using the spiders that bit Spider-Man. Unfortunately due to the bad press the company received from Doc Connors’ rampage the company destroyed all projects involving genetic mutation, which results in him wanting Spider-Mans blood.

Spider-Man 2 is a step up from the first with some great gags between the villains and the hero, while the story of Peter Parker battling having an ordinary life against being a hero is somewhat similar to the Batman series, but again works well. The only let down is that these great scenes are few and far between, but the ending is what will really have fans in shock and awe. It builds up well for the third instalment with a great showdown between Rhino and Spider-Man.

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